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all in the detail

on location As I prepare for the next photography trip while writing this, I’m reminded how much I love taking photos with my smartphone (loaded with various photography apps) during my interior shoots, partly because the results will be completely different from what the photographer creates with his expensive kit: there’s an air of mystery to my (slightly blurry!) shots that doesn’t give too much away when I post them on Twitter or Instagram before the feature is published. Plus, taking snaps on location really focuses my attention on small details in a house, and this often helps the photographer and me come up with ideas to try for detail shots for the actual photo shoot; they might not work when translated from square to rectangles, but it’s a good starting point.

source site In my spare time, I have also managed to take some rather beautiful shots of Lillie-Mae, and Mr Jones, on our days out exploring the country as well as crafting at home; and if I can steal away on my own, I love walking round London taking snaps… As anyone who has children (or even a very demanding pet, husband, wife, etc) will know, when you’re time-poor you need a hobby that can be picked up quickly and put down just as easily. While we may all curse modern technology from time to time, it’s pretty amazing that something that can help you explore your creativity can be slipped in and out of your back pocket to sneak a few seconds of me-time.

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Hi, I’m naomi jones, a freelance interiors writer and stylist, and mum to Lillie-Mae. For many years I was the features editor at Period Living, but after spending a year with my daughter after she was born in 2011, I figured a freelance life would allow me to be with her as much as possible while giving me the freedom to keep up with my passion for styling and writing about people’s homes.
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As an interiors writer and stylist specialising in real home features for interiors magazines, I get to travel all over Europe to style people's homes, so on this blog I'm going to be sharing some of the lovely homes I visit, as well as the locations that I end up in.

I'm also passionate about good food, nature, art, urban design and architecture so there'll be the odd smattering of posts that relate to what I get up to on my days off, whether on my own or with my family, Mr Jones and Lillie-Mae, and Daisy pup.

I hope you enjoy it,

naomi x

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